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When somebody can't be reasonable and you need help before you go insane...



If you have been served with a petition for dissolution in Missouri or if you are thinking of filing for divorce, you will need a skilled, experienced family law attorney to represent you at all stages of the proceedings - from child custody to property division. 


If you have minor children, the visitation and custody arrangement ordered by the court will affect you and your children for years.  There are also many decisions you must make regarding child support, the tax dependency exemption, and whether joint custody or sole custody is appropriate.  I will help guide you through this complicated and emotional process.


Many clients are unaware of what property must be divided in a divorce, as well as what property cannot be divided.  In many cases, you will have a right to a portion of your spouse's retirement or 401(k), as well as the equity in the marital home.  You may also be entitled to maintenance or alimony.


There are many myths about divorce and family law that your friends and family will offer you:  "Your son is 14 so he is old enough to choose where he wants to live."  NOPE.  Not in Missouri.  No child has the right to choose what parent he or she wants to live with in this state.  That is only one of many factors to be considered by the court.  "You bought that house before you were married, so she doesn't get it when you get divorced."  Not so fast...that is not always true and depends on the particular facts of your case.  The same is true of property titled in your name only - title by itself does not mean the court cannot award that property to your spouse.    


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The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely on advertisement.

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